Computer Organization and Design
2019 Spring

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Course Introduction

This is a fundamental course to learn how your computer works. From this course, you will learn how a program written in high-level language is translated to low-level machine code which computer hardware can understand and execute. In addition, we will uncover the box of CPU, showing datapath, control, memory, input/output. The intent of this course is to provide a comphrehensive introduction of how a computer is organized and designed and how a program is executed within a computer.
Credit/Hours: 3 point/54 Hours
Course code:
Time: 1-18 week
Teaching Assistant (TA): Shi-Gui Yang Email: 1757404846 AT

Course Information


Grading Policy

Final grade=20% performance + 20% mid-term + 60% final exam
Note: Plagiarism is rigorously prohibited. The violation of this rule may lead to a failure of your final grade.
Homework submitted after the deadline will receive a penalty of 10 percent.

Syllabus and Slides

Date Content Slides Homework
February 28 Course introduction Download NA
March 1 Computer Abstractions and Technology Download NA
March 7 Computer Abstractions and Technology Download Assignments: 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7
Submission deadline: March 22 23.59
March 14 Instruction Language of The Computer Download No homework this week
March 15 Instruction Language of The Computer Download No homework this week
March 21 Instruction Language of The Computer Download Assignments:2.2 2.3 2.4
Deadeline: March 29 23.59
March 28 Instruction Language of The Computer Download Project 2: Download
March 29 Arthemtic for Computers Download NA
April 4 Arthemtic for Computers Download Project 2 deadline: April 5 23.59
April 11 The processor Download Appendix C
ALU design report
April 12 The processor Download Homework 3.1 3.2 3.23 3.24 Deadline: April 19 23.59
April 18 The processor Download ALUcontrol design report
April 25 The processor Download Control Unit
May 16 Memory hierarchy Download PC_IM Deadline: May 31
May 23 Memory hierarchy Download Reg Deadline:June 7

Office Hours

2 hours after lecture or appointment by email